About Us

2K Architects | Planners | Engineers is known for works of architecture that are timeless manifestations of place, at once distinctive and modern while always thoughtful about the site, setting, and the environment. Fundamental to this pursuit is our belief that building design is a progressive process informed by our client aspirations, the site, history, available resources, and time. We believe that design can motivate and inspire users, and make an affirmative, lasting impact on individuals and communities alike. We evade inflexible structures, instead favoring a careful consideration of light, materials, and detail that is specific to the nature of each project. The end products are functional, beautiful, innovative, and sustainable spaces that elegantly integrate into their surroundings.

At 2K, we work as an integrated and collaborative team. Our offices are under one roof, which saves time, effort, and money for our clients while helping us to work more efficiently. It also means we can collaborate easily and quickly with one another. In the end, working under a project-centric approach enables each project to achieve its greatest potential. Our unwavering dedication to design excellence and community service is supported by advanced thinking in sustainability and high-performance design. Based on our experience designing projects throughout the region, we view good design and environmental sustainability as interconnected elements of a thoughtful and responsible project.


Our work is grounded by our pursuit of understanding and respecting the natural and historic environment