ATAD Office Building


Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Year: 2015
Area: 36,000 m2
Service: Architecture Preliminary Design

Located within Al-Najis Village Master Plan Development in Northern Riyadh, The ATAD building is a mixed-use Office and Commercial development on a 10,000m² site with a total built up area of 36,000m². Within the context of the plentiful commercial centers and ‘strip-malls’ located along Riyadh’s main roads, the ATAD Headquarters aims to provide a unique, distinct and bold identity to the Client’s Headquarters.

The design creates a more compact and urban in character development than conventional commercial buildings. A sixteen-meter-high colonnade extends along the main road frontage providing a unified expression and ample shading to the building’s facades, allowing the employment of a fully glazed curtain wall to the retail and office facades. Beyond the shaded colonnade, the outline of the building undulates back and forth wrapping around open garden courtyards, building entrances and a series of external terraces to optimize the amount of diffused natural light reaching the office interiors.

The top floor of the building offers a series of large and varied outdoor garden terraces covered by operable shading structures.