At 2K, we do a lot of things really well, but one of the things we do best is to listen to our clients and to cater to their needs. This is where our process begins: we sit down with the people who contribute the most to the project’s success and we listen. This strategic factor flows through our entire process. Once we have recorded the key needs, desires, and dreams for the project, we come together as a collaborative group—architects, designers, engineers, and also the client’s team. We analyze the project and begin to plan and to solve any issues that may have surfaced. Of course, there are many more important steps to the process—far too many to list here. It is vital to note that we use sustainable design solutions for the structures we build.

We work closely with our clients in order to express their individual vision in a fresh, innovative and compelling way.

And the most important factor is that we are committed to working with our clients at every turn. This commitment includes providing the most up-to-date professional design, architectural and engineering services available. Our basic rates are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, their budgets, and the individual projects. Usually, those who choose 2K quickly discover the services we provide—from establishing the process, submitting the initial design concept, implementation of the project, and seeing it become a reality—exceeds those of other firms.

As consultants we help our clients innovate original solutions for the built environment linking together