Dar AL-Abrar Hotel


Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Year: 2009
Area: 16,000 square meters2
Service: Interior Design, FF&E Package, Landscape Design, Contract Documents, and Project Costing

Due to its idiosyncrasy, Taybat Attaybah attracts pilgrims and visitors from various places in the Globe to visit Al Masjed Al Nabawi. Recently and with the increasing growth of religious tourism an idea for constructing a commercial hotel tower was born. This hotel is located on plot No. 5059 within a few minutes walking distance from the eastern zone of the central district of Al Masjed Al Nabawi.

The tower’s name “Dar AL-Abrar” was derived from one of the city names which means “the home of the benevolent”. In our project we considered the special location of the site to design and construct a high end international hotel that tends to the needs of pilgrims and visitors in Taybat Attaybah that was heavenly honored by the purest of mankind peace be upon him.