Irbid City 20 Year Vision Plan


Location: Irbid, Jordan
Year: 2005
Area: Study Site at 400,000,000 m2 Master plan area at 4,000,000 m2
Service: Urban Planning and Preliminary Master Planning.

Description: In an integrated effort to encourage urban development while simultaneously conserving rural open space, 2K in affiliation with the international planning and design firm, Gensler, created a strategic development plan for a fertile agricultural region in Jordan that takes urban growth to an entirely new scale.

Organizing urban expansion into a series of interlocking new communities along three highways that connect the existing city, this innovative plan creates an Urban Triangle of linear development zones that takes advantage of the access, visibility and infrastructure of each highway and leaves valuable agricultural fields in the center as open space. Individual communities are targeted to specific activities, including regional retail, commercial, industrial, airport and university related support services, while a sequence of Town Centers provide community amenities and a strong market image.