Jabal Amman Building Documentation


Location: Amman, Jordan
Year: 2003
Area: Site area at 500,000 m2
Service: Building Survey, Building Documentation, Historic Analysis.

Description: The aim of this study is to promote positive and enriching development in Jabal Amman- Zone 1 by assuring that it aspires to a greater architectural and urban design standard. The study outcome was a new master plan for the zone where new commercial, residential and mixed use projects are proposed that will guarantee the revival and regeneration of Jabal Amman by attracting the local and foreign investors.The site is located on a hilltop, and it is connected to areas around it through a series of stairs that rise in a radial manner towards the center of the project site. The project aims to develop the area into a new vernacular “city village” that preserves one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods while modernizing and bringing its buildings infrastructure up-to-date. It is envisioned for the site to become a new living, working, and entertaining destination.