Mafraq City 20 Year Vision Plan


Location: Mafraq, Jordan
Year: 2005
Area: Site area at 3,500,000 m2
Service: Urban Planning and Preliminary Master Planning.

Description: Taking advantage of the confluence of two international highways, a regional railroad and a long runway on a nearby airbase, 2K in affiliation with the international planning and design firm, Gensler, created a strategic, long-range development plan for a city in Jordan that uses the economic engine of a multi-modal truck rail and truck- air cargo transfer station to generate business opportunities for transportation-related distribution and industrial facilities. This in turn creates opportunities for retail, commercial, institutional, recreation and residential growth in the existing city.

Organized into crescent-shaped development zones that spiral around a central highway interchange, distribution and industrial facilities are clustered along a landscaped boulevard in the Eastern Crescent, while community service amenities are aligned along a landscaped boulevard in the Western Crescent. Their interaction creates a powerful influence and a strong market image for attracting business and investment.