2K Architects | Planners | Engineers is an interdisciplinary design firm founded on the belief that great ideas have no particular size or shape, but rather that every aspect of any project is given with the the highest level of attention. Over the years, 2K has developed vast expertise in a diverse range of projects and sectors and has won a number of regional design awards and international design competitions for high quality architectural services, creativity and design. 2K has a varied experience in creative design; we are able to deliver a range of comprehensive services in design consulting, technical and project management solutions to our clients.

Building Ideas

At 2K we believe that ideas have no size or shape. Our corporate identity is based on the notion of 2000 ideas; some big, some small. The “big” ideas come in the form of a design, a master plan, or a new service. The “small” ideas are what make us unique, they are small additions to the way we produce or provide services to our clients, while not earth shattering these small ideas put together make all the difference.

Creating Destinations

Placing people at the center of the design process is a critical factor that fulfils functional aims, lifts the spirits and opens the minds of the participators. At 2K we pay attention to people’s needs, whether at home, at work, or during leisure times and transform their demands to built environments that become an integral part of the landscape and background: creating destinations that gives people a sense of place and feeling of belonging.

Responding to Context

2K sees urban, historic and environmental contexts as opportunities for crafting distinctive solutions for the built environment. Our creative dialogue aims at introducing contemporary, responsive and technologically advanced functional architecture and engineering that respects and understands the natural and built environment. Additionally, we respond to the context of a business environment, we recognize the importance of cost and efficiency. With that in mind, we at 2K are committed to meeting our clients’ needs through every step of the design, planning, and construction process.

Sharing Values

At 2K we take pride in being a value driven firm by which our team’s basic business and social principles are shaped into a cohesive environment that is conducive to servicing the professional community.

Bridging Knowledge

We foster an integrated approach to planning, managing and designing the physical environment, building on the experience of competent resources; we successfully integrate design, research, and professional skills from a range of engineering disciplines to provide positive solutions for our projects through an interdisciplinary approach to project execution. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the projects designed in our offices, it includes providing our clients with other outstanding design professional globally. This ensures that the best of local talent is merged with the finest of international expertise.

Exercising System

2K’s problem solving approach to design management is based on a symbiotic partnership between your firm and ours. To that extent we have created a “groundwork idea session” that presents an intuitive design and management direction while helping you fine-tune your strategic thinking. From initial project inception through design development, documentation and project supervision, 2K employs a rigorous systematic process that eliminates any information gaps and ensures that our solutions are in congruence with your project prospects.

Advancing Technology

Our team recognizes that your business is shaped by the technologies they contain. At 2K our highly skilled proficient team with years of diverse experiences work in harmony with the latest building design and construction technologies in creating memorable unique experiences that continuously surpasses our foregoing achievements. Our objective is to link the theory and history of architecture with the changes catalyzed by the emergence of new building materials technologies, creating designs that merge today’s information, and technological systems and corporate objectives with our clients’ needs. Through a coordinated, cross disciplined process, that explores the relationship between the implementation of digital technology initiatives and our built environment, we deliver technologically “smart” architecture that accommodate our clients’ needs today and tomorrow.

Maintaining Quality

Every project must have established boundaries and guidelines that promote safety and quality at every level. 2K’s Quality Management System (QMS) is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure 2K meets the desired quality that satisfies the client’s needs on the undertaken project. The client’s project begins by having solid quality assurance and quality control programs in place. 2K has developed quality assurance and quality control policies to keep all project-related activities on schedule. Each member of the project team is held accountable for not only knowing, but also using these policies. The policies act as the “standard” in communicating information that is vital to the completion of all projects.

8 - Maintaining Quality