Because each project is a unique entity, we offer the skills and experience of our engineer’s international know how to meet all project phase requirements, no matter how varied or complex the project. We create project-specific procedures using well-established methods as well as innovative ones to anticipate and proactively meet the project’s evolving needs and our clients’ expectations. Our post contract services span the entire life cycle of the project starting from the early design phases running throughout the construction phases of the project and beyond if needed.

From the start, our team works closely with the client to ensure the success of each project by continuously evaluating and monitoring the projects progress to ensure that all objectives continue to be met. Our services start from the monitoring the design process and ensuring that the project remains on track and within the original estimated budget and quality requirements. Our management team of professional engineer’s wok on contract documents preparation, cost estimating, tendering and quantity surveying tasks for the pre contract stage. And the team continues to work on post contract stage in providing construction administration and supervision services along with product procurements services as needed.

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