Since our founding in 2003, 2K Architects | Planners | Engineers has always engaged a team of dedicated professionals that combine individual abilities and experiences from diverse backgrounds to deliver innovative and successful projects for each of our clients.

Those who work at 2K are people of vision – people who solve ordinary and, at times, not so ordinary problems. And we also are people who care deeply about those we know and about those we serve each day. We design lasting solutions for individuals, establishments, neighborhoods and communities. This is why our desire for excellence is never satisfied because we know we are building structures and spaces that will last and be used by generations to come.

At 2K we take pride in being a value driven firm by which our team’s basic business and social principles are shaped into a cohesive environment that is conducive to servicing the professional community.

Our work is grounded by our pursuit of understanding and respecting the natural and historic environment