The Fountain Mall


Location: Aqaba, Jordan
Year: 2016
Area: 22,500 m2
Service: Architecture Preliminary Design

In the interest of positioning itself as an integral fixture in the Aqaba community, the concept for the new Fountain Mall has been designed to reduce the barriers of entry and to increase the volume of visitors by providing a service and entertainment level open to the public as in a public place. As such the concept has been to elevate the whole mall building above ground in order to create a large, shaded public plaza beneath. The intention is to create a community gathering and civic space acting as a key economic driver in the success of the mall and entertainment hub within the city.

The Fountain Mall is located in Jordan’s port city of Aqaba, the 22,500m² Fountain Mall project aims to provide a unique entertainment and retail addition to the city serving the local community and tourist population.

The mall incorporates many sustainable design features such as using solar panels to generate 50% of the mall operational electric requirements, achieving a 0.66 W/m².K U-value while employing Grey Water and Rainwater Harvesting systems to significantly reduce the mall’s water demands. Furthermore, the mall’s cooling requirements are significantly reduced by locating the majority of the mall public areas in the shaded plaza below, in addition to incorporating operable facades to allow the transformation into an ‘open-air’ mall during the cooler months of the year.