Aqaba Bay Resort


Location: Dead Sea, Jordan
Year: 2009
Area: Site at 570,000 m2 Built-up area at 215,000 m2
Service: Master planning, Architecture Preliminary Design, Planning and Design Guidelines.

Located a few kilometers south of the city of Aqaba stands this Resort; a mixed-use resort development aimed at establishing a strong and comprehensive image of Jordan, highlighting the Kingdom as a unique and special destination.

2K’s designed a comprehensive Master Plan, bringing together architectural and environmental elements in response to prevailing market demands. Over an area of 500,000 square meters incorporated a variety of accommodation facilities including hotels, Sea-Front Townhouses, Apartments, Private Villas, and associated commercial entities, designed around marina and lagoon features. A series of links and functions chained together to help foster the successful integrations of the different resort zones into a commercially viable and architecturally vibrant development.