Rumman Lake Side Resort


Location: Jerash, Jordan
Year: 2004
Area: Site at 800,000 m2 Built-up area at 150,000 m2
Service: Master planning.

Description: Rumman is an exceptional multi-use touristic destination with an area of 800,000 square meters providing accommodation, entertainment, dining, shopping, business events and cultural festivities all within the context of the regional traditional heritage. Rumman’s architectural identity lies within the notion of going back to nature and bonding with the basic beauty of the heavenly cosmos. It is based on the natural assets of the site and integrates through open panoramic views, diverse vegetation, mountain breeze, serenity and the accessibility to a man-made lake. In essence it blends with the indigenous environment neither destroying nor disturbing it, but being in peaceful harmony with the surroundings. A state of the art conference facility will provide meeting rooms suitable for corporate meetings, ballrooms, regional conferences, international forums and retreats, all within the paradise of the Northern Jordan.