Saraya Dead Sea


Location: Dead Sea, Jordan
Year: 2007
Area:Site at 1,500,000 m2Built-up area at 350,000 m2
Service: Master planning.

Saraya Dead Sea is an oasis of luxury and refinement resort at 400 meters below sea level where you can play without getting wet It is where the black volcanic mountains protrude to embrace sleepy shores. The location is set within a serene and tranquil setting, in a land of Peace. On the shores of the Dead Sea, the gentle virgin waves, rich with all the natural minerals, sparkle and caress the beaches promising an abundance of pleasure. The variety of luxurious accommodations is in harmony with the surreal surroundings, emanating with an enchanting aura.

Saraya Dead Sea will be the hallmark of the ultimate exclusive destination on the Dead Sea, where indulgence and comfort, set in exotic surroundings, will be unparalleled to any other place on the surface of the earth.