Souk Zara


Location: Dead Sea, Jordan
Year: 2012
Area: Site area at 1,000,000 m2
Service: Master planning, Architecture Preliminary Design, Planning and Design Guidelines, Infrastructure, Landscape, and Contract Documents.

Description: Located within the Zara Dead Sea Master Plan, the Souk Zara forms the primary Commercial zone of the development. It is anticipated that Souk Zara, located along the lower section of the Urban Wadi, shall be open to the public, serving as a destination and entertainment hub within the wider Dead Sea area. The design allows for the adjacent Hotel to locate its F&B facilities along the shared edge with the Commercial Zone in order to serve both the guests and public; maximizing the customer base and adding liveliness to the Commercial Zone.

At the entrance to the Commercial Zone and at the base of the Urban Wadi Bridge lies a public plaza that may be utilized as a local produce market. It is believed that this market will serve as a magnet for day-trippers looking to escape Amman’s hustle and bustle to enjoy a day out at the Development’s entertainment and F&B facilities.

The design makes the most of the site’s steep inclinations to create a series of winding paths leading through the Souk area down to the Beach Club. It is anticipated that the combination of the local produce market, retail outlets, restaurants and cafes will create a distinct sea side village feel that will act as the main commercial hub of the Zara Dead Sea Master Plan.